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Why Foreign Education Is More Lucrative Among Indian Students?
Why Foreign Education Is More Lucrative Among Indian Students?
Posted Date:07-09-2014 Courtesy:Economic Times
The number of Indian students opting for higher studies abroad has consistently been increasing in recent times, and with businesses going global, this has altogether made education abroad a more valuable experience. While there are many top reputed schools in India, it’s only a handful of seats given to the students. In addition, reservations are a reason why many Indian students are finding it tough to get admissions despite impressive grades, reports Economic Times.

Other perks that interest Indian students is the educational facilities in abroad counties like USA, Canada and UK, which are among the finest in the world. Some of these Universities have long histories, with many students making a vital contribution to the respective domain in the course of their careers. And when it comes to infrastructure, these universities have very well equipped labs, libraries, and other facilities, along with recreational and sports facilities.

Along with all these options students are trained with extensive networking capabilities, academia-industry experiences, seminars and numerous other events that contribute to healthy placements. This also helps in further studies whether it’s an MS or an MBA that individuals are looking at, their coursework will have the added advantage that comes with an international degree. Apart from great training, individuals are equipped with suitable options for higher studies, which in turn help them gain insights into their academic system.

"There are two reasons for considering U.S. undergraduate education—one, it looked like a good option if my son did not get into the top colleges in India; two, unlike the time I was seeking an undergraduate programme, the family now has the means to support college education in the U.S." said Charanpreet Singh an IITian with an MBA degree from the U.S.

"There has been a steady growth in the number of Indian students who are going to France for undergraduate courses. This includes the bachelor's of business management (BBM) studies at the prestigious Essec Business School as well as bachelors' degrees in liberal arts and social sciences at Sciences Po," said Caroline Gueny-Mentre, attache for scientific and university cooperation of France, in India.
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