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Career wisdom for freshers entering job market
Career wisdom for freshers entering job market
Posted Date:20-08-2010 Courtesy:

Bangalore: Your first job hunting experience need not be an exhausting one. A positive approach and confidence in one s ability are some effective supplements to a power-packed resume. Read on to know more.
Feeling apprehensive about entering the big, bad corporate world? The process of job hunting and the first steps in a new office can be unnerving with crucial decisions and temporary setbacks marking the career path. However, little planning and a correct approach can go a long way in advancing your career. 

Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction:

*Be an avid learner - As you make the transition from being a student to a first-time employee, you will be excited to put into practice the skills that you acquired during the course of your study. The deal with career advancement is that the learning process is always ongoing even when on-the-job. Keep pace with the latest technology introduced in your field; keeping your skill set updated will impart confidence in you and also give you the competitive edge in both current and future jobs.

*Don t be afraid to fall - The corporate world can be intimidating for the new job seeker/employee. There would be the occasional interview rejections, goof ups at work, adjusting to a corporate work environment, etc. Don t let fear get the better of your goals and keep you from giving your best shot at finding the right job and doing well in it. Take these stumbling blocks in your stride - analyse what went wrong in that interview, what you can do differently the next time and at all times, stay positive!

*Always keep your goal in sight - Let the first decision you make regarding your career and the ones that follow be driven by the goals you have set for yourself. At interviews, you might come across this question frequently - where do you see yourself five years from now? Even your employer would like some insight into what your long-term plans are; be sure to have an answer for yourself first before you start appearing for interviews. Even as a fresher, you can list out what you seek from your new job; this exercise will be helpful in the job hunting process by bringing clarity over the kind of jobs you apply to.

*Tread confidently but carefully - Sure, there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm when one transcends the student- corporate boundary; the important thing is to maintain your objectivity in the midst of all this. When appearing for job interviews, communicate your keenness for the position, not blind excitement. Evaluate every aspect of the job (job role, salary package, company profile, general work environment etc.) and only then go ahead with the different hiring rounds. As work experience builds up on your resume, you would want it to shine bright. -Nimrata Grewal

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