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Why does an IT professional go paranoid?
Why does an IT professional go paranoid?
Posted Date:23-08-2010 Courtesy:

Bangalore: IT professionals are often known to get paranoid with their worklife. Now with the advent and demand of newer technology each day and the growing reliance of every business on their ICT, IT professionals have got more work to do.

Here are some five reasons that gets IT professionals paranoid, reports Dan Tynan of InfoWorld. 

Failure of data center: To keep the datacenter running continuously without any snags is one of the toughest tasks, IT professionals have to face. If the data center goes down, it can take the entire organization to a loss.

Gadget fever will infect your network: Devices containing sensitive data can be lost, stolen, or compromised by malware. As with infected PCs or laptops, the entire network can be at risk. 

The cloud will obscure the mountains behind it: Cloud computing can dramatically reduce capital expenditures and allow IT to outsource bread-and-butter internal ops so that internal expertise can be applied to innovative and differentiating projects.  A good cloud computing implementation can make you a hero,  says Bender s Archibald.  A bad cloud computing implementation or strategy can go horribly wrong and cost a company hundreds of millions of dollars. The reality is this: Cloud computing is here to stay -- and the sooner the IT pro gets his/her arms around this concept and develops a strategy that is good for the company, the better. Because the question about cloud computing is going to come from upper management at some point.

Data will leak from your network unseen: Everyone in IT knows sensitive information on company hard drives and network storage devices must be secured. But where the real IT paranoia lies is with all the other places data might be lurking.
According to an August 2007 survey by the Ponemon Institute, 70 percent of data leaks come from equipment that isn t connected to the network, and not just surplus PCs, but flash drives, mobile devices, backup tapes even the hard drives found inside old copiers and printers.

Management will never understand your value: No matter how long the IT professionals work, at the end if something goes wrong they have no excuse for it. 

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