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Hiring spree amongst e-commerce start-ups
Hiring spree amongst e-commerce start-ups
Posted Date:03-02-2011 Courtesy:
Bangalore: E-commerce start-ups are setting up a new trend in hiring. This rapidly emerging sector has begun aggressive hiring of professionals.

The hiring by e-commerce companies and online retail segments is expected to rise by approximately 50 percent in 2011. The companies are looking for smart professionals with operational experience who can multi-task and perform at various levels.

The increasing internet usage and accessibility around the country are one of the key reasons for the growth of e-commerce. With the increase in the number of companies, the revenues for the e-commerce market is estimated to grow to 55,000 crore in 2011, compared to 20,653 crore in 2009.

Money doesn't seem to be a problem, as huge salaries are being paid to the deserving candidates. Professionals working with these firms are receiving salaries ranging from 7-20 lakhs per annum. The companies are ready to shed huge amounts to get the right candidates with the required skill sets.

Apart from qualification and experience, which earlier used to be the key parameters for the selection process, start ups and online retails are going for individuals with passion and determination. Employees are also not showing interest just in the salary packages but also in being a part in company's growth. Having a role in creating an enterprise also seems to be an attracting factor.

With offers like these, the sector is attracting professionals even from big IT companies. According to an example given by Jay Thaker, business head of Sutra Services, a start up has recently hired a chief technology officer from a prominent IT firm. The start-up retained the existing salary of 45 lakhs per annum as well as provided the person with Employee stock option plan (Esop).

Online photography Canvera has hired 300 employees in just a span of one year and is still looking for more. Retail sites like, which has presence in 30 cities; present the best example of how fast the industry is growing. Newly established firms are also rapidly increasing their size, such as which is just a year old is planning to double the number of employees.
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