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DRDO scientists shifting to IT
DRDO scientists shifting to IT
Posted Date:03-02-2011 Courtesy:
Bangalore: The numbers of DRDO's (Defence Research and Development Organization) top level scientists are decreasing at an alarming rate. With 20 top scientists resigning from the Organization in last six months, DRDO is now looking up to the ways for retaining its employees.

Top scientists are now going for better career opportunities. With the IT sector boom, the Companies are in hiring spree. The scientists, especially from the field of computer science, electronics and communication are being hired by the private sector extensively. Good salary packages, facilities and employees centric policies are attracting more and more scientists to the IT Companies.

DRDO is now looking for new and more effective HR policies in order to retain its good scientists. According to Vijaykumar Saraswath, scientific adviser to defence minister A K Antony the policies have been taken care of.

Speaking on the issue, Saraswath told that he has signed 20 resignation letters in just six months. He said, "We are losing scientists from our labs and IT sector is picking them up. There were no such en masse resignations in the last two years."

NRI science graduates are showing immense interest in working with DRDO which presents a positive picture. Along with them, youngsters from Indian universities are also keen on working with the Organization. Keeping in mind the growing interest, DRDO is likely to recruit youngsters, according to Saraswath.
There has been a similar situation in 2008 too. Defence minister A.K Antony guaranteed incentives like providing scientist with career enhancement opportunities to decrease the attrition rate. The situation arose when 285 scientists resigned in a period of 3 years.
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